Transform your pipelines
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Always know the condition of your pipework with
real-time condition assessment and deterioration monitoring

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    As Asset Management Director, my job is to plan for the long-term health of our critical infrastructure that allows us to deliver clean, high-quality drinking water to 10 million people everyday from reservoir to tap.

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    As Network Director, I have to be switched on 24/7 to make sure that we respond quickly and efficiently when our pipework breaks.

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    We care about our customers, but it’s difficult to do our jobs. Our network is old and rapidly deteriorating. We don’t have reliable information on the condition of pipes. Our pressure and flow data helps us calm the network but doesn’t tell us about the condition of our pipework.

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    CIPPS® makes our life so much easier. CIPPS® directly monitors how our pipes behave in response to both hydraulic and ground activity. This give us ground-truth data on pipe health, so we know where to prioritise our investment and maintenance efforts.

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    I can log-on to the cloud-based CIPPS® platform from anywhere and instantly see the condition of my pipes, and how they’re deteriorating over time. With this knowledge I don’t get caught out by sudden unexpected bursts and can better co-ordinate our maintenance team and contractors to ensure our customers stay on supply for longer.

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    As a utility customer, it’s great that our water supply doesn’t suddenly get cut off, and if the water company needs to do planned maintenance I’m always notified in advance.

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    As a Water Regulator, I'm aware that Rising Mains are a high-risk asset group. When they fail they can cause environmental damage. We try to encourage utilities to implement best practice and reduce the number of pollution incidents.

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    Within the utility, we recognise the great importance of monitoring and maintaining our wastewater infrastructure. We face challenges with rising main bursts frequently, and we’re keen to try and drive these down because they’re so financially, reputationally and environmentally costly.

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    Previously we didn’t have the data on pipe stress to be proactive in our repair and renewal of rising mains. But now CIPPS® helps us understand both when our rising mains are in poor condition, and when there are sudden shocks to the mains – whether from a malfunctioning pump or from temperature gradients.

  • Water Treatment Works

  • Central Transmission Main

  • Raw Water Source

  • Service Reservoir

  • Large Diameter Distribution Main

  • Utility

  • District Meter Area (DMA)

  • Regulator

  • Wet Well and Pump

  • Rising/Force Main

  • Wastewater treatment works

The Critical Infrastructure Pipeline Protection System®

An IoT structural health monitoring system which digitises the surfaces of pipes to monitor pipe condition in real-time and forecast asset lifetimes using mechanical models and AI.

CIPPS® non-destructively bonds an array of sensors to the walls of pipes and continuously monitors how the hydraulic and subterranean environment affect the performance of the main itself. In doing this, CIPPS® gathers unprecedented data on how the pipe’s health changes over time and which events contribute to pipe deterioration.


Real-time, accurate data on the health of your assets

Distributed pressure and flow monitoring are useful tools in understanding the hydraulic activity of networks but less useful in modelling asset health. CIPPS® monitors your pipes directly, instead of inferring condition from hydraulic activity, empowering you with reliable, high-quality insights on asset health to deliver a more resilient network.

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Assess the condition

Assess the condition of mains for 98% cheaper than the cost of replacement

Pipeline replacements are costly and knowing which mains to replace, and when, is challenging. By strategically deploying CIPPS® to profile the health of mains, CIPPS® can assess the condition of these mains for 2% the cost of replacement, ensuring that you’re deploying capital with maximum efficiency and replacing pipework ‘just in time’.

Rest easy and get in front of pipe bursts with predictive maintenance

With legacy infrastructure ageing, water demand and urban populations rising, and tight budgets for renewal, ensuring continuity of supply and network resilience is more of a challenge today than it’s ever been. Understand how hydraulic and geotechnical changes impact the condition of your mains and move out of the realm of ‘reactive repair’ into ‘predictive maintenance’ with CIPPS® so you don’t get caught out by bursts at 3am on a Sunday morning.

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About us

At Datatecnics, we generate unique datasets and empower our clients with unprecedented knowledge of the health of their infrastructure so that they can accurately forecast asset lifetimes, prevent downtime and ensure their budgets are deployed in the most efficient manner possible.

We’re experts in the design and delivery of IoT systems to digitise the infrastructure of our large utility and energy customers.

By designing our own hardware, from the ground-up, we’re able to transform assets with digital capabilities to produce high-quality, high-resolution data, and in turn drive unmatched predictions on asset performance and health.

Everything we do is to make our customers’ lives easier through high-quality, instantly available knowledge of their assets’ health.

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"We believe [Datatecnics] are natural innovators, proactive, easy to work with, eager and agile. They have a unique offer and a strong partner network."

Kieran Brocklebank, Director of Innovation - United Utilities

"We believe [Datatecnics] are natural innovators, proactive, easy to work with, eager and agile. They have a unique offer and a strong partner network."

Kieran Brocklebank, Director of Innovation - United Utilities

"We believe [Datatecnics] are natural innovators, proactive, easy to work with, eager and agile. They have a unique offer and a strong partner network."

Kieran Brocklebank, Director of Innovation - United Utilities

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